Clipper Ship Ventures is a private equity firm targeting emerging and middle market companies in the financial services and financial technology industry. We are experienced executives, investors and directors, and work with high potential companies that provide technology and technology-enabled services to the large and dynamic financial services market. Clipper Ship Ventures brings its expertise and extensive business relationships in financial technology to its business partners and works with companies to help them achieve their full potential.

Financial technology is a large, complex and dynamic industry. We believe that financial technology requires sector-dedicated investors to help drive value for emerging, high growth companies that operate in this rapidly changing segment of the economy. The Principals at Clipper Ship Ventures have extensive experience in working with technology companies that serve payments, banking, trading, wealth management, insurance and other sectors of financial services.

Unlike other private equity firms, we only focus a small number of investments per year. This approach enables us to provide our portfolio companies with a greater level of attention and assistance, and a better alignment of interests with our investors.

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